Ale Canaglia

Composer, Singer, Bass player and Noisy Guitar Player

It all started back in 1954, when MamaCanaglia played a Carmelo Catania guitar. Then came the time of SisterCanaglia at the piano. So LittleCanaglia started his career at the famous singers festival called “The Golden Cricket”. It was 1968 and since then music never left him. 


Pesaro Roma since 1995

  • Ale Canaglia (Voice, Guitar)
  • Binx Bolling (Guitar)
  • Donatella Tonini (Voice)
  • Andrea Guidi (Bass)
  • Peter C. Mei (Drums)
  • Gigi Faggi (Trumpet)
  • Andrea Gaudenzi (Alto Sax)


VOICES FROM THE FIRST BRITISH WAVE band / project composed by some musicians from Pesaro. In a period of revival – it will be said – it is easy to re-propose the classics of the new wave; those songs composed between ’79 and ’81 that most of the current twenties ignore. The Voices project is however more ambitious, because they lived and loved that period, and today they reappropriate some masterpieces reinterpreting them in a swing / jazz key with a truly original sensibility and passion. Opening the concert is Making Plans For Nigel by XTC, whose typically post-punk minimalism combines the trumpet of Gigi Faggi. But the whole concert is a whirlwind of memories for those who grew up with the Joy Division, the Cure, the Bauhaus, the Wire and the Clock Dva. The apex of the show is represented by Atmosphere, at times even more tormenting than the original version that gave us Ian Curtis and members, while You Should Have Known Better by the Wire is totally distorted and updated to the nineties. [Francesco Battisti]

Pesaro 1997 – 1998

  • Ale Canaglia (Voice, Backing Tracks)
  • G.G.G. Tartaglia (Voice)
  • Donatella Tonini (Voice)

In 1998 partecipate to Arezzo Wave – Love Festival

Pesaro 1984 – 1995

The artistic project of G.A.M.S. Bolivar is unique in its genre since at the turn of the 80s and 90s they dedicated themselves to writing and making unpublished songs inventing a style that they themselves called Hard Swing Wave and self-producing three demo-tapes with their songs.

  • 1984 – G. G. G. Tartaglia (Voice, Guitar) Renato Fava (Drums) e Ale Canaglia (Bass, Electric Upright Bass)
  • 1987 – 1° Demotape: “I Sultani Del Nautilus”
  • 1987 – Join the band Andrea Tartaglia (Sax Alto) 
  • 1988 – Participate in the compilation of Pesarogroups“0721 Manicomio”
  • 1989 – Join the band Massimo Balestieri (Chitarra)– 2° Demotape: “Quando c’era lo swing….tutto andava più veloce”
  • 1989 – Leave the band Andrea Tartaglia e Renato Fava
  • 1990 – Join the band Claude Le Moko (Batteria), Luca Arduini (Sax Tenore) e Daniele Cavicchi (Tromba)
  • 1991 – 3° Demotape: “Edward J. Rapina a Mano Armata” with the collaboration of Ippolito La Medica (Sax Tenore)
  • 1995 – Il gruppo si scioglie

During this time we have done many concerts around the many live music venues between Marche and Romagna. We also played at one of the first editions of “Fano Jazz by the sea”, at the event “E’Vento Suono” and just before the breakup we organized a show at the Teatro Accademia in Pesaro called “Bolivar Bar”

Pesaro 1994


Pesaro 1992

  • Ale Canaglia (Voice, Guitar, Sampler)
  • Hermann Tartaglia (Voice, Guitar, Piano, Clarinet)

Pesaro 1990 – 1992

  • Binx Bolling (Guitar)
  • Mirco Uguccioni (Drums)
  • Giuliano No-Way Antinori (Guitar, Voice)
  • Ale Canaglia (Voice, Guitar)
  • Francesco Battisti (Bass)

Bologna 1986 – 1990

  • The BDD were formed in Bologna in 1986, driven by their passion for music, especially the new wave and post punk. Alessandra Riggione on vocals and Ale Canaglia on vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards and drum machines. Both university students in Bologna play in various underground clubs in the city.
  • In December 1987 they played at the Experimental Theater of Pesaro in the “Note a Margine – Le Band a Pesaro” exhibition organized by the culture department.
  • In the autumn of 1988 they recorded the demotape “Disuda’s Nightmares” containing on the A side: 4 original songs and on the B side: 2 songs always original but more experimental and noisy.
  • In February 1989 they held a concert at the Muzak in Trasanni di Urbino.
  • In September 1989 Andrea Tinti wrote a review of the demotape on the musical magazine Urlo.
  • At the beginning of 1990 the BDD dissolved.
  • In 2015 participate to a double CD compilation “391 – Voyage through the deep 80’s underground in Italy – Vol.1 Marche”

Bologna 1983 – 1986

  • Alessandra Riggione (Voice)
  • Ale Canaglia (Bass, Drum Machine)
  • Francesco Pallone Guitar, Synths)